The Business of
Profitable Print

Management consulting and training for printers and packaging converters

Power through partnership

Sparrow and Associates leverage Lean Six Sigma structure, Design Thinking strategy, and Agile tactics that have been proven across hundreds of companies globally. Our partners bring a wealth of expert-level contemporary knowledge in their functional areas. With thought leaders and academic experts in the areas of Cultural and Digital Transformation, Sparrow and Associates can help your print or packaging converting organization to find the most efficient and effective paths to growth and profitability.

Why us?

Results matter. Sparrow and Associates provide management consulting and advanced automation services to printers and packaging converters. They leverage a unique blend of cultural assessment tools, continuous improvement methodologies, and digital automation and integration resources to ensure that opportunities for improvement are identified, prioritized, and acted upon in the most effective way possible. Our comprehensive approach allow us to develop business-outcome-based charters that are delivered on-time and on-spec. Our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of their success metrics across the organization and can track all of the contributors and barriers to growth.

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